ACTS 16:6-12

I start out by asking today a simple question? Are you seeking the will of God or your own will.. Most believers today would say they are seeking the will of God, but yet they have their own thoughts what the will of God is for them… Let me give you two examples of God’s will and mans will..

1- God’s will verse’s the will of Jonah– God had a will for Nineveh and that will was for Nineveh to repent and avoid judgement.. But Jonah had a will and that will was for Nineveh to be destroyed… Jonah wanted his will but not God’s will.. Jonah wanted what he willed but not what God wanted..

2-Israel Chose Saul as King, God will was for David to be King, , Israel choice for King was a work of the flesh a work of their own will and it would bring thereby bring great sorrow.. God would let the people have what they wanted Saul and Saul they would have.. Again Saul was mans Choice David was mans choice..

Many today are looking for their Saul and not David, in other words what they want instead of the will of God.. Why? because Gods will goes against everything their preconceived notions.. Its going against their way of thinking… Let me give you some examples

1- Preachers who will not move with the Spirit.. They refuse to move, they refuse to go where God wants them to go… It will disturb the comfort zone they may be in… I remind you that Paul had to move on from Jerusalem and go to Antioch .. Jerusalem was the place he was comfortable, Antioch was the new… God had called Paul first to the gentiles.. How do we know this.


Antioch was the place that was right for him, it was the will of God for Paul to go there.. It was a place he could learn lessons there he could not learn if he would have stayed in Jerusalem… Most like to stay where one is comfortable instead of following the leading of the Holy Spirit..

2- Many Churches have rejected the will of God.. They have rejected pastors because the pastor did not meet what they were looking for… They are looking for the Saul’s instead of the David’s… They need to be looking for one who is anointed by God instead of the one with the look . In many Church’s men like John the Baptist and The apostle Paul would be rejected by many church councils today.. I dare to say some would and do reject Jesus Christ like the religious crowd did in the NT.. ( Pharisees and Sadduees) Its all about their will instead of the will of God..

The truth is most are seeking their own will instead instead of God’s will.. They have allowed their flesh to drown out the voice of the Spirit… Their ears are not intuned to the voice of the Spirit.. Listen if Paul would have ignored the Holy Spirits prompting he could have missed out completely on what God was going to do in his life.. That is why it is important to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.. We got to get to point where one can say that I must decrease where he can increase…. Self will must go, self will will derail one from the will of God..

Now we can see Paul was sensitive to the Spirit, going back to Acts 16:6-12, We see that Paul and Silas wanted to go and preached the gospel in Asia and Bithynia, But the Spirit closed the door and said no.. Why? after all these needed to hear the gospel as well, But this was not the will of God for them, God had another door… God willed for them to go the Macedonia, God showed his will to Paul in a vision.. Macedonia was God’s place for them and that where they sent of to.. It showed me two things

1- God will reveal his will for you

2- One must position ones self in the will of God… In other words after God showed them his will they had to put feet to it…

One must remember is what you may want for your life is not necessarily what God is wanting for you life.. But God’s way is a whole lot better.. Trust him and follow his leading today.. So I ask in Closing Who’s will or you seeking? God’s will or your will..

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