Keep on Building

NEHEMIAH 4:1-3 AND 6:3

The work of God will face opposition that is one thing that is certain.. And when one begins to do the work of God rest assure the enemy will come who will do his best to hinder or stop you from doing the work of God.. Here in the book of Nehemiah we see just that as Nehemiah begin to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem . Guess who showed to Sanballat and Tobiah .. What was the purpose to stop Nehemiah from rebuilding the walls… So what kind of attacks came Nehemiah’s way

1-They ridiculed them

2- They made threats

3- Discouragement ( Nehemiah 4:10)

4- Fear- Nehemiah 4:11-23)

No doubt the enemy will use many tactics to hinder you or try to stop you from doing the work of God… But like Nehemiah one must keep on building.. Nehemiah would encourage himself in the Lord and Nehemiah would continue to build the wall despite the opposition.. I know that we face some tough battles with the enemy but one must keep on doing the work of God… I know that we are in a pandemic in the world but despite that the work of God must keep going on…. So what am I telling you? To keep on building and keep doing the work of God.. If it was not important or a threat to the enemy then the enemy would not be trying to stop you from doing what God has called you to do…

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